Not knowing that you suck.

When I was in 5th Grade I remember my teacher asking if anyone is interested in putting up a show on Children’s day. Enthusiastic I was, I put up my hands and agreed to dance that day. Pulled in two of my friends to dance along with me.

It was only about a week to Children’s day, so we practiced all we could. On Children’s day, we were called on the stage, the whole school was watching. We stepped on the stage and we danced crazily, so many cheers, claps and proud smiling teachers all around. I was so thrilled that day. I sort of thought that it was great show and from that day I have never feared stage.

I had always believed I danced great that day. Until recently, when I found my 5th grade friend on Facebook. While talking casually and going over the nostalgia of school days, the dance thing came up and she was like “You messed it up big time. It was so funny, we laughed so hard.” I was like, what? Then I realised, I really had messed it up, the two guys with me hadn’t caught up with the steps, I forgot the steps myself and improvised on stage but that wasn’t smooth. There were many comments from others that I had not heard. I was dancing looking straight at the large door of auditorium. So it sucked.

But interestingly, not one told me it sucked, that day. Not even the teachers. So I believed from that day on that I was good on the stage, even though I wasn’t for a long time. But today, I think I handle myself pretty well on stage and in front of large no of people. All because no one told me I sucked on stage, even though at many points I did.

I wanted to share this story because I think it is really important to understand, that people can grow. And people can grow in many odd ways that you cannot understand. But the most interesting way they can grow, is by not knowing that they’re failing or that they suck. There are interesting ways you can give feedback, but never tell anyone that they suck. Probably because they were courageous enough to be vulnerable in front of you or an audience and that to me, is one of the bravest things one can do.

You have to believe what you want is true, even when the world thinks you suck.

Eventually as you grow, you’ll be what you believe, and the world will witness it.

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